The tao of badass dating system

Do you wish that you could date with confidence and be the funny, entertaining and seductive guy that girls swoon over? The important thing to remember here is that “Badass” doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an arrogant jerk.

Despite the negative connotation of the word, in this program it refers to a guy who is confident and self-sufficient and knows how to do everything right.

The course covers a number of modules, including the Introduction and sections on Gender Roles, Confidence, Approaching Women, The Tao System, Creating Love, Reading Body Language, the Mistakes Men Make and much more.

He encourages you to be original when speaking to women and to embrace your own personality.He is known for being a dating expert and he has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.He has also worked as a consultant for a cosmetics company.The book will show you all about how to embrace your manhood and understand male and female gender roles.You’ll also figure out how to boost your confidence levels and reduce your approach anxiety.

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