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Id be glad to answer a question but again not sure I have much more to say on the matter. I would also be interested on knowing how many strippers were having lesbian sex with other strippers and if it was purely sexual or if it was more? After a while you're bound to get to know your co-workers and build relationships. (It is only the AFC customers who think they can get sex for money.) Bartenders in strip clubs have low status with the girls, because they are not usually in a position to do anything for the girls.Anyone who has a cool job, and is out numbered by women on a consistent basis has a shot. The girls do not want to lower their value by having sex with the low status guys.She didn’t want people to think she was dating him because of his power to influence her career.

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No early word if he’ll have an exclusive with Lindsay tho!We bet she’ll get the nod for that show in the coming weeks.And for her part, Lindsay is taking it all in stride and doesn’t harbor any ill-will. “There’s so many people around the situation who are amazing and …Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tonya Wise/Ad Media/action pr/REX/Shutterstock (8860342hs) Lindsay Ell --- Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tonya Wise/Ad Media/action pr/REX/Shutterstock (8860342u) Bobby Bones CMT Music Awards, Nashville, USA - CMT Music Awards, Nashville, USA - Copyright (c) 2017 Rex Features. Licensed from Lindsay Ell made a big production about keeping her industry boyfriend a secret until earlier this year when the big reveal was …She was dating DJ and Country Countdown star Bobby Bones!

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