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A few rare issues are also known to have been struck on tin or leather and at least one token issue appears to have been produced in cast brass.

In London the issuers of these tokens span a very wide range of men and women from all conceivable trades that were represented in the city, literally everyone from bakers thought to vintners.

These tokens were redeemable in the shops or premisses of their respective issuers and were not widely circulated beyond the local district in which they were issued.

The use of trade tokens to facilitate low value financial transactions was by no means a new concept in Britain’s economy.

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With the Royal Prerogative for minting base metal coin removed, market forces stepped in to resolve the situation with ordinary tradesmen and even some town authorities starting to issue their own low denomination token coinage (principally farthings, half pennies and pennies) to facilitate low value financial transactions.However, shortly after the execution of King Charles I in 1648/9 and the removal of the Royal Prerogative to mint base metal coinage the production of private trade tokens rapidly moved up a gear.From this date tradesmen no-longer had to rely solely on having to commission privative cast lead tokens to meet their needs.After reaching a peak in 1666/7 their production started to fall off with increasing rapidity.After the eventual resumption of minting of significant quantities of small denomination regal coinage the continued use and production of private tokens was finally made illegal under a Royal Proclamation of 1672.

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