Toph sokka dating fanfiction

Mai- (Staring out at frozen sea) Zuko- So what’s up Mai? (holding out her hand) Zuko- (Taking it.) Back with Katara, Sokka, and Aang… (looking at Zuko) Mai- He will be fine I’m going fine my seat. (question) Sokka- Well better get going or Suki get married without me. (looking around) Aang- (flying in on his guilder) Hi guys! Could you just be less gloom and doom all the time.

(Let go of Katara) Sokka & Suki- Katara are you okay? Aang- (Still in avatar mode above them) Toph- Come down Aang, Katara is okay now. (shout) Aang- (Coming out of his Avatar mode) Katara you are okay. (tell) Aang- Right (run over to go help Zuko) Katara- Aang wait up.

Aang- (knowing what wrong) Katara can I talk to you alone.

Katara- (silent’s) Aang I don’t know your way to young for me. (reminding her) Katara- I don’t want to talk about.

(frown) Zuko- What I am going to do I know nothing about children, and I am the fire lord. (shout and slap him) Look we are in this together got that! (innocent look) Mai- Let’s go back it depressing out here. (stare at him) Zuko- (Standing rocking back and forward on his toes.) Aang- Is he okay? Aang- Well I have already dealt with one crazy person today. (timid) Zuko- (Looking way lost) Katara I I I (randomly hugging her) Katara- Zuko can’t breathe. (let go) Katara- Zuko I think you will be a great father.

(muttering to himself) Mai- I thought you would be happy when I told you. So now he is conflict on the whole issues of parenthood and how to run country at same time. (ready to leave) Katara- Why do I have deal with Zuko? (looking up at Katara) Katara- Zuko um I do like you.

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