Trend antivirus not updating Sex chat audio

If there are no available updates, it will check again after 3 hours.

If there is an available update, Trend Micro Security will download and install the latest virus patterns/ signatures/definition, and then will update the time of the last update.

Other than is issue, my computer function perfect both on and off the internet. Steve R Will not update and says to connect to internet.

I am connected and have no problem connecting with anything else.

During this time, you might see a Windows notification that Virus Protection is turned off, but don't be alarmed as the status will change once the update is applied.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since the release of our latest updates, some issues have been reported – “Restart Required” and “Connect to the Internet” error messages – that our developers are working to resolve. On restarting Trend, message installing update received and for a while Protected icon appears.It constantly checks online for security updates to stop new threats every 3 hours.These are then applied to your program's modules to improve its performance.If your product still uses the old format, you can determine if you are using the latest pattern file by looking at the middle 3 digits in the multi-digit format.For example, pattern file 960 in the old format will be displayed as pattern file 2.160.00 in the new format.

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