Tristan wilds dating

Wood Harris, Tristan Wilds and Afton Williamson, David Call and Antoine Harris have joined the cast of VH1 original movie “The Breaks,” the network announced Monday.

Based on the book “The Big Payback” by former Source magazine writer and record label executive Dan Charnas, the movie chronicles a pivotal era in hip-hop music through three friends looking to make it in the industry.

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Although plenty of strings were left dangling at the conclusion of episode 37, "Mission Accomplished," a chapter had been definitively closed, with Avon Barksdale back in jail, and his brainy partner Stringer Belle gunned down.

The latest example of this Bagger Vance-ing of inferred race relations is The Secret Life of Bees.

Set in the percolating days of the Civil Rights Movement, this weepy feel-good sampling of you-go-girl saccharine has some real value.

When President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1964 into law, Rosaleen decides to register.

In the process, she is assaulted, beaten, and arrested.

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