Truck driver and dating travelling alone can be intimidating and lonely

Here’s how it happened: George Rutherford, a truck driver for a Washington company called Pacific Powder Co., was making a delivery to Gerretsen Building Supply in downtown Roseburg.But he got there after the business had closed for the day.Bystanders had to restrain him to keep him from running into the inferno. “I’ve got to go see how many people I’ve killed.” Several firefighters on the scene were literally blown apart; the mayor of Roseburg a little later picked up a firefighter’s glove and found a hand inside it.Several people nearby were killed by broken glass – a woman and her daughter slain by the picture window through which they’d been watching the fire, and another woman picked up by the blast and thrown into the window of a car dealership.

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No one knows how the Gerretsen fire got started; all the evidence is, shall we say, gone.It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like in the cockpit of the Frontier Airlines passenger liner, flying along at 17,000 feet in the middle of the night, when the pilot saw the mushroom cloud rising over an Oregon city. All over the country, children were “ducking and covering” to prepare for the nuclear war that everyone knew was a real possibility.Only two years earlier, the Soviet Union had sent Sputnik I into orbit, demonstrating that they could drop a nuclear warhead pretty much anywhere they liked, the same as we could.After calling the fire department, Dennis stayed to help.Marilyn, his wife, stayed in the car about a block away.

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