Truly free sex dating site

to make matters worse try cancelling the repeat charges in the small print!!!!

nevertheless, many of the people on the site are married.

the guy on the previous page was talking about one...lemme know peeps adultmatchmaker is free, for 5 days anyways..i sent a couple messages...i have been on matchdoctor for about 2 and a half years, i have met lots of ppl on there, its pretty cool. Just ask the right questions and you will get the right answer. Their response will be my cell phone number is my home number. BOM seems to have a lot of folks, is free, and easy to use, and POF has potential for certain. Maybe Im an undesirable, or maybe Im from the wrong town, but Im about to give up on this online dating thing all together if somethin doesent happen. I'm having trouble registering with match doctor, I keep being asked for a different user name and my imagination is exhausted.

i have been on pof for about 18 months ( though not as much since chat closed down) but i have met more ppl on this site than on any others. i do have to say though, about 75 % of the ppl on my im are from plentyoffish. and have plans to meet some of the others this spring and summer. it was my first chat experience(i've been on matchdoctor longer, but just recently started getting to know ppl on there and i never really used the chat room until the past few months) and i have a ton of friends that i met in the room on here. nevertheless, many of the people on the site are married. I'm trying Opera out as a browser and wonder if that is causing the problem. Why wouldn't they check your username for problems or whatever BEFORE you go to all the trouble of composing the information?

all in all i would say that those are two of the best sites. Chris I've had the same problem with Book Of Matches. I filled out all the details...choosing a username, password, spent a lot of time composing the information, and then when I get to the END of it, it says there's a problem with your username or something and when I go back to correct it - all the freakin' information I entered is now GONE. Okay, I've read the whole thread and had to write down every site that was mentioned except for the ones that were obviously crap and made a list for everyone.

Craigslist looks busy if you're in a hip or high-tech city.

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