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There, wearing his usual shit eating grin was Brandon Ferris. He began to speak, "Greetings Randy and his oh so lovely wife Tammy. If I desire I can throw up roadblock after roadblock to keep the two of you in town.

It was obviously taken in one of the rooms of his house. It has come to my attention that the two or you are planning an escape from Waterford. Randy does NOT have to stay employed by my company and I CAN apply pressure to Tammy's firm to the point where they lay her off. "I don't want to honey, but this is bigger than the two of us.

My asshole of a boss had us over a barrel all the while he was shrinking and dissembling the barrel. Inside was a DVD and a sheet of paper that said "play me." With trepidation we slipped the disc into our player.It would be a wonderful place to raise the kids and would give us all a better outlook on life.My uncle had a place at his concession stand on the pier.I am prepared to purchase your house for top dollar to assist you in the process. The two of you could be jobless if I choose, but it need not be that way. The kids deserve the good life we can provide them working for your uncle Bob. We can't have that life so long as we can't sell this house." "But Brandon.." "Makes my skin crawl.I will run my proposal by you tomorrow at your house at six O'clock sharp. You will have two choices; acceptance or poverty, joblessness, and homelessness. But there is nothing I can give to him that I haven't already given to you.

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