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Unlike in many Arab countries, women in Tunisia are free to wear clothing of their choosing.But beneath the veil of what could appear as tolerance for women's sexuality, lies a strong tradition of male control that has, to varying degrees, increased over the last few years.

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In 2015, Amnesty International called on the Tunisian government to pass laws recognizing martial rape and eliminate those criminalizing sexual relations between consenting, unmarried adults.Since 1956, the Code of Personal Status (CSP), granted equality in divorce proceedings and established the necessity of a minimum age and mutual consent in marriage, as well as codifying women’s rights to work, move, open bank accounts, and start businesses.Article 21 of the 2014 Tunisian constitution stipulated that: “Male and female citizens are equal in rights and duties.The taboos surrounding sexuality are some of the strongest in society.At first glance, she doesn't fit into western stereotypes of a Muslim woman: She doesn't wear a veil; instead, she wears leggings, skinny jeans, and tight shirts.

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