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Nowadays, the city’s economy is still predominantly based around industry, although there has been significant development in tourism during the last 10 years.By and large, tourists come from the local region, or are in Tuzla for short stopovers, as Tuzla is approximately the mid-way point between Sarajevo and Belgrade.Travelling to Tuzla is easy from the south, less so from the Republica Srbska or Serbia.Do not trust the bus timetable on the black board in the main bus station, as these times were universally inaccurate!By car you can reach the airport via the M18 or M4, two main roads in the country. The price for a taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Tuzla is about BAM 30.-.Book your taxi at Tuzla Airport and discover the comfort of pre-booked taxis.Although Tuzla has a train station, trains run only twice daily to Doboj, twice to Brcko, once to Vinkovci in Croatia and one a day to Bos. Rail infrastructure was heavily damaged in the recent conflict in Bosnia and Hercegovina in the 1990s and services (whilst starting to return to pre-war levels) are slow and often infrequent.Tuzla has an airport [2] from where Wizzair recently started operating to Hahn, Oslo, Gothenburg, Memmingen, Dortmund, Malmö, Basel, Bratislava, Eindhoven and Billund. The first place to visit is the square at the center of the old town.

Tuzla Airport is a small airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Criminal activity is below average so it's pretty safe to walk around even late at night.

To avoid possible frustrations make sure to follow next: When you are in restaurant, ask for price list; If you are hiring a Taxi, hire regular Taxi and ask for price; Stay in regular hotels and accommodations; Bottom line is , don't do anything before you ask and agree ( utilizing services ).

You should also visit the Pannonica Lakes, whose water is directly supplied from the local wells of salt water. ), and as a consequence entry to the surrounding area is free of charge (no one is collecting payment at the gates). located in very center of old town next to Colorful Mosque.

Tuzla's salt has been exploited for centuries and you should visit the Salt square dedicated to this aspect of Tuzla's history. As of May 2016, entry to the water is prohibited (renovations? If you are interested in art, visit some of Tuzla's beautiful art galleries.

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