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When I tried to update the pivot table, it did not update.What I mean by this, is that I refreshed the pivot table using the refresh button in the ribbon.Relationships - wanting to meet others - looking for like minded guys into jeans & fantasies - travel announcements. Members allowed to delete own post/photos at any time!

With my dad's pootrol the rust wasn't in the Nissan, it was in the shitty aftermarket canopy that were dealer or Nissan Australia fitted.

Oh, and stop updating, makes me go and look on gumtree and carsales every time and have stupid thoughts about these things. Like there must be a blown line or some such as it was straight to the floor and that was it. As per the good one though, right place and they seem to last well.

Wrong place and the chassis rails rust clean through.

Thanks Hannie B It may be possible that the link is too long (at times there can be problems with paths being too long). Try moving everything (and updating links) to your C:\ drive and see if it works that way.

If it does, then there's a good chance that the paths are just too long.

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