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All of our sources have been provided with a transcript, and more difficult language has been explained in square brackets to support students.Obvious differences in the spelling have not been altered.With the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which involved the overthrow of the Catholic king, James II, and the coming to the throne of the Protestant Dutchman, William III, British foreign policy and military potential were driven by a consistent policy hostile to French expansion, both in Europe and beyond.By the time of the victory at Waterloo in 1815, Britain had become the most powerful state in Europe, the prime architect of the victory over Napoleon and ruler of large parts of India.The Act of Union of 1707, the Hanoverian succession and the Jacobite rebellions of 17.

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Sally and Patrick also made some steps towards coupledom (despite a rocky start when their first time in bed together coincided with Patrick's first visit from The Melty Man), Jeff found his match in Julia, a woman who shared his ability to blurt out embarrassing and awkward statements in moments of tension (although Jeff's attentions were briefly diverted by the comely Wilma, played by guest-star Emilia Fox) and Jane ensnared a variety of unsuspecting males, including a religious broadcaster with a firm stance against premarital sex.

Edexcel A level History 9H10, Paper 3, Breadth topics: This document collection provides documentary content for aspects of life in Georgian Britain.

OCR History H505 British Period study and enquiry (unit group 1): Y109: The Making of Georgian Britain 1678-c1760: Key topic: Aspects of Politics 1714-1780: Jacobitism the ’15 and the ‘45. In the 17th century, the British Isles were seen as backward, politically unstable and irrelevant to the rest of Europe.

Where Patrick or Jane are unhindered by self-doubt, Sally and Jeff are riddled with it." "When writing comedy, you have to have the confidence to believe that there is only one type of relationship in the world, and we are all having it; that all men behave in the same way and so do all women; I fill the script with universals, and people seem to watch!

The purpose of this document collection is to allow students and teachers to develop their own questions and lines of historical enquiry on the Georgian period.

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