Understanding latino dating

If people are not occupied by others, they consider themselves ignored, not needed, thus not important, which in turn affects their self-esteem.In the Hispanic culture, grandparents perform a very important role in the family structure.Understanding some aspects of the Hispanic culture will help us not only to understand our Hispanic friends better but also to deal more effectively with the Hispanic communities we visit in Venezuela.It is important to note though, that within the larger culture, there are minority groups that may hold values that differ from the dominant ones.Family members and close friends and neighbors call on one another for support when needed.To do things and face problems "on you own" is not the norm.It is interpreted as a characteristic of the arrogant, distant and cold.People are expected to be involved with the rest of the extended family, neighbors and friends. This emotional support is manifested in many different ways.

Understanding people's diverse cultural frames of reference-those elements that cause a particular cultural group to interpret the world in a particular manner-is a continuous challenge.

They are very much involved in the child-rearing process.

Grandparents are considered the pillars of the family, thus very important contributing members.

Interdependence with family members gives the grandparents, as they grow older, a sense of worth.

At the other end of the spectrum, the children assume the responsibility for caring and providing, when necessary for their parents in their senior years.

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