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Mini projects for ECE students can also select the IEEE projects in embedded system, VLSI, Automation, Simulations and quad copter projects.CITL Tech Varsity also offers online training for projects to final year ECE students.

Photo: Dogs and attendants form a sometimes chaotic moshpit at The Pets Hotel.

It forms part of the hipster streetscape — a coffee roaster two doors up, a textile factory next door and a nine-storey apartment building planned across the street. Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with 62 per cent of homes including a pet.

More Australians live in a household with a dog or cat than with a child.

"We're not here to train dogs, we're here for the dogs to have fun," says manager Ashleigh Hill, whose staff doesn't include any dog trainers.

"Enthusiasm is the main quality we look for." Trainers know it as the dog park effect: a whole heap of off-leash dogs running around like mad with no reading of the interactions and little human intervention, disengaged owners.

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