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We see how to perform all the CRUD operations against an Access Database. First we insert data from textbox,then retrieve this data on button click,update the data when the user edits and clicks the update data and finally delete data from the MS Access database when the user clicks the Delete method.

You have to specify the path to your own access database file.

But to apprehend you need to come after the previous tutorial. So, we can move to the Data Grid View Update Database tutorial.

We will update the table records which have already saved in the database table. Open() End If 'get data into data table Dim da As New Ole Db.

Also, we have used Data Grid View to display the records from the database.

Now, its time to update the records which we have saved already.

Here, st_id (Student ID) is the primary key and it will not allow any duplicate and the null value.

The problem is that I cant use generated Fill, Update and Delete commands since in my SELECT query there are two joined tables. I will like to update changes in Cell End Edit procedure. Base Directory & "baza_podatkov.mdb" ' "Provider=Microsoft. Private Sub Form3_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base.

We are in the third part of the Database Connectivity Tutorial in the Vb. We will continue to the previous post in this section.

As we have completed the data insertion and retrieval process in the previous tutorials.

Should I fill datagridview with two SELECT statements without joined tables? Joining tables shouldn't make any difference as long as you update to exactly the same combination as you originally filled the DGV with the binding should take care of assigning the new values correctly. Load 'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'Baza_podatkov Data Set.narocilo' table. Dim CONNECT_STRING As String = _ "Provider=Microsoft.

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