Updating an older darker house

Hill House was built as a grand home for a beautiful young woman, not as a vampire house.It only fell into that roll after years of being abandoned.However Vampires have very different eating and sleeping needs than everyone else so I decided that the house needed to be able to change to suite those different needs.Rather then create two different versions of the house I scripted the items in the dining room and in both of the bedrooms to be changeable.NOT Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/data folder-Check the in the Skyrim Data Files or in the Nexus Mod Manager plugins list depending on which system you are using.==================Version 5.0 Changes:==================- ! Removed the three shield racks in the Smithy and replaced them with two Coat of Arms.The shield racks would stop working for some people, myself included. Please be elsewhere in the game, inside the main house will do, as the bar needs an in game load to set up correctly.There are no puddles of blood, no bloody bones and skulls scattered everywhere, no cages to lock up your hapless victims and no torture devices because I was after grand not gruesome These things are not something that I use while playing Skyrim and I have no desire to mod them so Hill House will never have these additions.They will have to be something that you add yourself for your own personal game play.

It was a very old dark house but it still remained grand and beautiful.

WARNING this barrel respawns so DO NOT put anything in it that you wish to keep.

- There is a large room for enchanting and alchemy- A dining room with the table that can be changed to suite Vampires or Non Vampires.- A nice sized kitchen with plenty of named storage and a working sink.- In the kitchen there are two brooms and a bucket that you can use to clean away the snow, rubble, leaves and cobwebs.

This is what I was trying to accomplish with this mod, the Gothic version of a creepy home.

If you use Hill House as a home for your Vampire character and are a fan of Bethesda’s view of how Vampires live you will be disappointed in Hill House.

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