Updating bios dell inspiron

You can use Win7 32bit, as the Dell Vista drivers are compatible with it.

To elaborate on what Systech said, sometimes the BIOS goes through a version update simply to follow a hardware update.

A simple fix: Use a spare hard drive, any size will do.

Re-install any Dell supported 32-Bit version of Windows only, no other software required.

Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop that I bought a little more than a year ago. A couple of months ago I got this message when hovering the mouse over the battery icon: (connected, not charging).

Also, when I turn the laptop on this message appears in a black screen: AC Adapter not recognized, press F1 to continue, F2 for bott options (Not sure about that one) and F3 for something else.

Computer: Dell Latitude E7250Bios ver: A02I have visitd dell.com/support and downloaded the driver for the latest bio version: A08.

When i try to install it all get is an error message:"You can not install a bios update on a Dell Latitude E7250 whit a update file for a Dell Latitude 7250"The next error message says: "Unsupported file ID"I need help to resolve this issue, i do not have much experience whit this kind of matters so i need all the help i can get.

If the AC is bad, the laptop would most likely throw up an error at the BIOS load and/or the system wouldn't boot. The system says the battery must be over 10% charged.I could (and can) turn it on with the AC adapter only.The guys at Dell don't seem too sure about what's happening and I still am not sure if the problem is the battery, the AC adapter, the mother board, the BIOS... Thus, I am trying to update my BIOS from A08 to A13 or any other that is newer first before moving on to anything else.Most BIOS updates are only necessary when new hardware is not detected at boot. The first one updated the bios on vista 32bit with no issues. Event then those are rare cases, and mostly result in updates past the products intended life-cycle.

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