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Where- unto he affirmed very earnestly that he would never be unthankful nor break with her majesty, and would lean chiefly to her advice, and above all things ; yet he sought again to lead him to proceed to tell his credit and message to him and his Council, or otherwise to advertise her majesty of the impediment of the progress, and to pray her to alter her direction tlierein.the direction, especially in regard of Lennox's course presently taken against her majesty, and also in consideration of the effects to be objected against himself.If Bowes shall not have done his message, as it is to be wished that he shall not, because it is to be doubted that this message shall but irritate D'Aubigny and make him fortify himself stronger with his fast friends, and shall make others for fear or favour, though they love him not, adjoin themselves to him, thinking that her majesty will now do no more, but leave off with this her message, or but with a reiteration of it.Whatsoever the Scottish Queen or her friends can do in the Court of England, the same will be employed for the advantage of Lennox, who has intel- ligence of its affairs and doings.Afterwards, Lord Herries, Newbottle, and Clerk Register were sent to him from the King and Council, offering that if he would declare his credit and message to the King and whole Council he should have audience : otherwise, if he would do it to the King alone, he would gladly hear him.Unlike manned vehicles, the satellites are not designed to withstand the friction of reentry.But if before the receipt hereof Bowes shall have done his message, then there is to be considered, upon return of his answer, what is further to be done.Is in hope of the coming of Lord Ruthven, yet knows great difficulty will be made therein.

The Laird of Kelso [Kilsay] shall be made Master of the Household.Morton,* his doinges and answer." Copy of the same; in the hand- of [Wulsingham's secretary].Because the King will, perhaps, desire to understand by him the certain time of Lord Scrape's coming, or of his stay, requests to be speedily directed herein.conditions as were propounded bj r him, she will be content to send the Queen of Scots, and will not demand hostages for the performance of the said conditions till such time as the Queen is delivered, on condition that he will promise to send hostages then.The Earl of Morton has received the King's letter requiring him to be with him on the 8th instant to receive Lord Scrope and himself; and for that especial cause the King has written to and called the most of the nobility to attend on him against their coming.

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