Updating itunes device recovery software

Slide that button to the right until the phone turns off.

Wait a few seconds, then press down the Side button until you see the Apple logo. On your i Phone X, press and then quickly release the Volume Up button. The screen will go black, show the Apple logo, and finally display the Connect to i Tunes graphic. Now take your i Phone X for a spin to see if the problem has been resolved. This time, click on the button to Restore your i Phone.

Swipe to unlock the Lock screen and enter your passcode to access your phone. Press and then quickly release the Volume Down button. You'll see the screen with the "slide to power off" option. After the restore has taken place, choose the option to set up your i Phone as a new phone.

Now put it through its paces to see if the previous glitch has been eliminated.

Please keep reading this articles,we will teach you 3 ways to recover lost data from i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch after update to i OS 9, i OS 10.

In additional,you can follow the same steps to recover deleted data from i Phone 6S, i Phone 6, i Phone SE and i Phone 7 with i OS 10/i OS 10.3/i OS 10.3.2. I lost all data on my i Phone 6 after updating to i OS 10.3.2, I try to restore data in i Cloud.

When you put your phone in recovery mode, you can try to update i OS to see if that resolves the problem without losing content and settings. If not, a restore attempts to recover your phone by erasing it and installing i OS from scratch. Read on to learn how to nurse your sick i Phone back to health.

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Okay, now let's say your i Phone X had gone kerflooey.The software can safely retrieve all the lost or deleted data from your i Phone, i Cloud backup, and i Tunes backup.Approach 6: Fix i Tunes error 4013/ 4014 via Factory Reset Before opting for factory reset, backup your i Phone data and follow the below steps: Approach 7: Fix i Phone error 4013/4014 by entering DFU mode If none of the above methods worked, put your i Phone or i Pad into DFU mode.But remember, this will restore the device as new, removing all data including videos, photos, music, apps settings etc. To enter DFU mode, connect your i Phone to the PC and follow the given steps (applies to i Phone 8, i Phone 8 Plus and i Phone X): Contact Apple support: If you continue to see i Tunes error 4013 or 4014 while restoring your i Phone/i Pad even after performing the above troubleshoots, contact Apple for support.Conclusion One of the above approaches will certainly resolve i Tunes Error 4013 or 4014 and enable you to restore or upgrade your i Phone/i Pad with i Tunes.

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