Updating keepass to later version

If I set an important file for offline use, that means that I want to be able to use it regardless whether I have a mobile data connection and the system should take care of synchronization later in the background when the connection is established.

Therefore, I hereby sincerely regret to inform you that in my best intentions I didn’t have any luck configuring Google Drive to work with my Kee Pass file on Android.Google Drive apparently caches and constantly changes the folder name in which it keeps the files marked for offline use.This makes the Kee Pass Droid on my phone remember many different Kee files from /data/data/com.google.docs/cache/xxyyzz/ folder (where the xxyyzz folder name keeps changing – see screen capture) because it sees each new version as a completely new database.For documentation and how to videos please visit the project website on you have problems or questions, please refer to The beauty of Kee Pass is that you can link it to your Dropbox account and then sync between devices and computers.Not sure if it was IOS 11, Dropbox, or an update pushed out but it no longer syncs or links to Dropbox. I have moved to My Kee Pass for now until I find a better app.

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