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I don't think the developer is getting rich off of purchases.

In fact, I'm amazed he continues to update the app. And that is the thing you should focus on when deciding to buy.

I’m afraid I have several bad news for those who’d rather use Kee Pass Droid with Google Drive.

So far I haven’t been able to seamlessly synchronize the Kee Pass file with my Android devices via Google Drive for several reasons, the first being the constant changes of the hosting folder name and the fact that it becomes read-only when marked for offline use (supposedly only when not connected to the internet, but I’m not sure about that either).

In theory it does synchronize, but I’ve experienced too many problems, and it takes way too many steps “on foot” each time I want to open the Kee Pass password file.

I believe the root of the problem is the difference between the way Drop Box and Google Drive keep their files on Android.

I’ve been using Kee Pass for a long time to keep track of most of my accounts and passwords and to keep all my passwords different (as I always recommend).

Kee Pass is an open source, secure and free password manager that works across many platforms including all my computers (Kee Pass), and phones and tablets (Kee Pass Droid).

## 2.6.1 - 10/5/2017 ### Fixed - Password generator crashed in Store build 2.6.0 - 10/3/2017 Added - Password generator is available - Kee Pass files (kdbx and kdb) can now be launched to start the application Fixed - Search does not flash now - Add support for kdb files - Images were sometimes being mixed up in rendering 2.5.3 - 3/12/2017 Added - Show keyboard shortcut on context menus Fixed - Keyboard shortcuts were not being honored on entry items - Search box did not clear on escape - Switched the font when showing password to Consolas to help distinguish characters such as ' I','l' and '1' - Fixed clipboard cleared notification to show what happened 2.5.2 - 1/27/2017 Fixed - Entry icons were taking entire column and making it hard to see anything else 2.5.1 - 1/23/2017 Fixed - Adding an item to the clipboard would sometimes result in a crash 2.5.0 - 1/21/2017 Added - Clipboard is cleared after a customizable timeout - Strings are now localizable.Keepass is free software with variants that run on PC, Mac & Linux.The developer of i Keepass wanted to maintain this free software model but couldn't get it through Apple's strict vetting process UNTIL he slapped a menial $.99 price on it (then suddenly Apple OK'd the app to appear on the App Store).Dropbox always keeps updating the same file and even if the app totally dies, you can always browse to the folder on your android phone or tablet and open the synchronized database (location provided in my Kee Pass Dropbox sync link above).That’s in case of emergency, but I always open the file from the Dropbox app, which has so far been working flawlessly.

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