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What I am planning on doing next is trying to reinstall the initial bootcamp broadcom driver...

I think that an update that windows did since I installed it caused the wifi issue because I am under the impression that it worked fine in the beginning.

(The didn't run because my model was "not supported".) I am running Windows 10 Pro on a mid 2010 MBP, used Bootcamp 5.1.5722 to install all drivers. The specific version of bootcamp and the installationprocess I got from here were essential for me. Also, when my mac was plugged in and I booted it up the screen would first show up with the circular loading thing, but then be black.

I noticed as soon as I unplugged it the screen was back to normal instantly.

Instead, you can run the individual exe files in the same Drivers/Apple directory to update your drivers to the latest version. I had problems with my keyboard driver from windows 7. I'm in a similar situation here, upgraded from windows 7 to 10 with the microsoft process and the audio isn't working.

Can you explain with more detail how you installed the older drivers?

start=0&tstart=0Basically so simple: Goto C:\Windows\System32\drivers rename Apple to .."Apple MNT.sys_orig" and Apple to "Apple HFS.sys_orig"Reboot and enjoy You won't be able to see your aplle OSX drive while in windows but your system restore and system image will work.

I am using my MBPro for almost two hours, without the power plugged in.. At first I let the graphics driver as is from Windows 7 still but even tried to download 341.92 nvidia gpu driver for Windows 10 from Nvidia directly. The strange thing is, by the time of writing after this procedure without changing anything on the drivers, my Wifi has been stable now for almost half an hour (by now it would have been disconnected compared to the former state).A reason for that could also be the fact that the actual drivers are already installed. I tried to unistall the newers drivers of The Boardcom adapter and install the Win7 bootcamp ones.. So far so good, but I am experiencing the exact same problem with the wifi connection like you.I didn't want to uninstall any of the actual bootcamp stuff because I'm to nervous of really messing it up, as I still find it miraculous that the bootcamp stuff runs on Windows 10 on my old ass Mac in the first place. Honestly though, maybe it already came through without showing because right now I've been using wifi in windows for about an hour and ir works. I tried installing th Bootcamp drivers 5.1.722 as well as 5.1.769, none resolved the issue. As 5.1.722 does not come with any graphics drivers.Let's hope it will be solved with the same update.I looked for some windows 10 BCM4322 drivers online, but I only found Win7 and 8 ones.

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