Updating ps3 via storage device

The XMB has been phased out starting with the Play Station Vita, which adopted a new touch-based user interface called Live Area.

On February 20, 2013, the Play Station 4 was announced, and a new, non-XMB, user interface was shown.

Going back is possible by pressing the left directional button or the button (for European and North American version), or button (Asian versions only).

Note that, as far as I know, you can also activate a 3.60 Vita by resetting it to factory settings and doing the activation as one of the very first steps when rebooting it.

A less straightforward, but probably “more legit” way of doing it while following Sony’s rules.

Technically by using this tool you are in breach of the PSN’s Terms and conditions, which could give ammunition to Sony to ban you.

Handle with care, and I would not recommend using your “real” PSN account for this.

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