Updating wiikey firmware

There is an exploit in the previous Wii firmwares that allow you to sign unorthorised code or something like that, I don't know exactly as I'm not into homebrew.The new update has a patch for that in the code although they haven't activated that patch yet.I didn't chop or anything, just burnt the ISO with IMGburn to DVD.For some reason the actual update didn't work the first time I tried. Then I tried a 2nd time, and after the first reset it did do the upgrade to 1.9s.Some people believe it will be activated in a future update/game.But the short version is, you don't have to update, it is entirely up to you.Periodically, Nintendo issues new system updates or firmware releases for the Wii gaming system.These updates are designed to upgrade your Wii with new features, enhance your Wii's performance, or fix bugs from previous releases.

A filechopped version is guaranteed to work but will take a bit longer.Thank you for your interest in the Quick Jump Daily Digest. To receive our Daily Newsletter, you must first be a member of the QJ website. I updated to 3.2E before doing my Wii Key and it worked fine. But in saying that, if you put in a disc from another region that has newer firmware than your wii, it will update with that region and brick the wii, so be careful and always look at confirmed reports that a game does work this way and that way etc.Just to confirm: I installed 1.9s on my key (first upgrade I've done to the key) and works fine.

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