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Here's how: Optionally, you can add a custom input message and Error alert that will show up when the user selects the validated cell or enters invalid data, respectively.Below you will find a few examples of custom validation rules for different data types. All Excel data validation rules, built-in and custom, verify only new data that is typed in a cell after creating the rule.Copied data is not validated, nor is the data input in the cell before making the rule.To pin down existing entries that do not meet your data validation criteria, use the Circle Invalid Data feature as shown in How to find invalid data in Excel.In yesterday's tutorial we started to look at Excel Data Validation - what its purpose is, how it works, and how to use built-in rules to validate data in your worksheets.Today, we are going to take a step further and talk about the nitty-gritty aspects of custom data validation in Excel as well as experiment with a handful of different validation formulas.In situations when a certain column or a range of cell should not contain any duplicates, configure a custom data validation rule to allow only unique entries.

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We thank the members and guests of the working group “Analysis of Genetically modified food and feed” within the §64 of the German food and feed law (LFGB) and the staff of the National Reference Laboratory (NRL-GVO) of the BVL for their helpful contributions and comments.To limit the entry to a date within a specified range, you can use either the predefined Date rule with the "between" criteria or make a custom validation rule with this generic formula: Please notice that the boundary dates are locked with absolute cell references.To restrict a user to entering only weekdays or weekends, configure a custom validation rule based on the WEEKDAY function.To allow entries that contain specific text anywhere in a cell (in the beginning, middle, or end), use the ISNUMBER function in combination with either FIND or SEARCH depending on whether you want case-sensitive or case-insensitive match: The formulas work with the following logic: You search the substring "AA" in cell A2 using FIND or SEARCH, and both return a position of the first character in the substring. For any numeric value returned as the result of search, the ISNUMBER function yields TRUE, and data validation is successful.In case of an error, ISNUMBER returns FALSE, and the entry won't be allowed in a cell.

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