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The upir is jealous and vengeful toward the living.To kill an upir you must stake it in its heart, burn it by fire, drown it in holy water, or decapitate it. He was charged with protecting Christianity in Eastern Europe.They would roam the village at night and cause all kinds of havoc.Then, each night before dawn, they would return to their grave to rest.When Ra became angry because mankind was not following his laws he sent Sekhmet as punishment. She would slaughter humans, rip their bodies apart, and drink their blood. She is one of the earliest known versions of the modern day vampire. Ancient Egyptians would drink beer mixed with pomegranate juice. Around the same time in nearby Mesopotamia, there were numerous blood-drinking demons.

Like all legends, the vampire has evolved throughout history.She would later become known as the Blood Countess. A person became a vrykolakas when they led a sacrilegious way of life, suffered excommunication, or were buried in unconsecrated ground.After death they would rise from their grave and their bodies did not decay.Lamia swore vengeance and began preying upon young children in their beds at night, drinking their blood.The most common theme in ancient times was a demon that shape shifted into a beautiful woman.

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