Virtual reality dating site

There's a flurry of new features coming to Whats App. But overall it's a largely subdued recap, which makes sense; the American audience is far less familiar with Whats App than the rest of the world. Some 8 million people are registered as a blood donor on the platform already.Snapchat may have created the Stories format, but Whats App has taken the idea and used its scale to dominate. Cox also discussed some new "Crisis Response" features, allowing users in emergency situations like earthquakes to add commentary in addition to declaring that they're safe.So yes, this is an important moment and we need to do more to keep people safe and we will.But we also need to keep building and bringing the world closer together!

But says the company did not expect "coordinated attacks" from networks of fake accounts.Facebook exec Chris Cox shares more detail on Facebook's new dating app.Users will have to opt in, their profiles aren't visible to their friends, and won't post to the Newsfeed or elsewhere.There was an air of uncertainty and unease hanging over this year's event, as Facebook has come under fire for its handling of user privacy and its role spreading fake news and propaganda during the 2016 US presidential election.CEO Mark Zuckerberg came out swinging, though, striking a far more confident tone than during his testimony in front of Congress last month, promising to fix the flaws in the social network but vowing to "keep building." The biggest product news of the event was Facebook's decision to offer its own online dating service, but there were plenty of other announcements and updates on everything from the Oculus VR platform to Facebook's dueling messaging apps, Messenger and Whats App.

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