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The Honolulu Police Department confirmed that the officer involved in the incident remains on full duty.Oahu residents both for and against Hawaii's same-sex civil unions bill gathered at the Hawaii State Capitol building in Honolulu on July 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner) The Transgender Law Center ranks Hawaii as “medium” for its laws promoting LGBT equality. LGBT advocates say Hawaii’s native culture traditionally accepted more nuanced gender roles, and current attitudes toward gender and sexual identity in Hawaii have been affected by colonization, land seizures, the suppression of Hawaiian language and culture, and the imposition of moral codes by Western missionaries.Hawaii’s largest insurance provider, Hawaii Medical Service Association, does not offer coverage for gender reassignment procedures and treatments.Kyle Kajihiro, a board member with Hawaii Peace & Justice, said the most pressing issues in the struggle for LGBT equality in Hawaii are jobs and housing.

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After a few months of work in the city, she says, the girls are shipped to their next destination, often to major US cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Dallas, New York or Washington DC."There are about 150 brothels on Oahu alone that we know about [not including those in private homes].For each brothel, there are between three to 15 girls, mostly from Asia and some youth victims.This doesn't include the street prostitution and online scene." Most of the girls are from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand, Xian says.There are also girls from Russia and parts of Eastern Europe.

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