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Apparently, the two have had an on and off dynamic going since they knew each other ‘back in the day.’ Their relationship got hot and steamy real quick, with him occasionally referring to her as ‘wifey’ but it seems as if their ‘on again’ status was as a result of the athlete needing a little rebound action.

Why do we say this, well, it didn’t last, before we could blink he was on to the next one.

We just went our separate ways.’Clearly he is a man of few words, here is what Wright had to say, ‘I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.’ It’s all very vague and cryptic, but we trust the general pubic to dissect every word.

Soon after he split up with his ‘basketball princess’, he moved on to Jasmine Shine.

More frequently appears as "I Kissed Your Mom" in network news / basic cable.

Often carries the implication (if it's not stated outright) that the speaker was able to sleep with the mom because she Really Gets Around, usually prompting an angry My Girl Is Not a Slut reaction.

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The characters this is said to are usually male, and they almost never get similar remarks about their dads; possibly a result of Most Writers Are Male.She practically raise him on her own and he is ever grateful.Wanda Pratt is a regular at his games and to show how important her journey was, there’s a Lifetime movie being made based on it.She is a singer, actress and model, also she sure knows how to hold a man down.So there is hope that she might actually make it to the altar with the athlete.

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