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The default script folder path is “C:\Scripts” but can be changed by editing the “Script Path” parameter shown in Image 10.

Remote Source and Remote Validation scripts both carries the parameters called user Context and form Context.

The script folder path is set in the configuration file called solid Non Sensitive Settings.config placed in the Request Management API installation folder (typically "C:\inetpub\Mgmt Svc-Request Management API\").When defining a currency symbol, the default behavior will place the currency symbol before the numeric value.If you want to have a different placement of the currency symbol this can be achieved by supplying formatting information in the Currency configuration.The purpose of the parameter is to pass user context information to the script. The Subscription Id parameter is the id of the Windows Azure Pack subscription currently in use.This can be used in scenarios when there is a need to get information related to the WAP subscription, such as which Virtual Machines that are associated to the VM.

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