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Subconsciously she pulled her long sleeves down to cover the rope marks on her wrists. I watched as his eyes traced over his wife's bulging breasts and I caught the flicker of a smile. I looked at Abby and my eyes scanned her shapely backside, it was a shame my wife hadn't managed to talk her out of her jeans too!

Handcuffs and spreader bars were no longer an embarrassing secret, they were a multi million pound industry and as for the sale of ropes and chains... " Our friend gasped, even her husband Scott was intrigued now. I don't know where I'm going with this, I want a book like that to be more exciting than my own sex life, that's why I read porn!What if he wasn't as comfortable with the evening as Jane and I had believed? " I answered cautiously."Hi mate..." He replied, there was an awkward pause "You know that stuff you showed us last night?""Uh huh..." Nerves moved into my stomach and made me feel queasy."Abby and I were trying it out..." He admitted "but we got a bit stuck..." I began to breathe again, at least I hadn't alienated my friend!I still wasn't entirely sure what was expected of me but I was having a hard time getting the my friend's voluptuous chest out of my mind.I'd start there, I loved breast bondage and if Abby had any hesitations about being bound then I may as well discover them sooner rather than later."Put your hands on your head," I instructed "hold your hair out of the way..."I looped the rope around her. She's tough and she's not going to be in it for too long!

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