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In some places, you may be asked to provide recently issued certificates indicating that you have received your first Eucharist and the sacrament of confirmation.

These sacraments are necessary for complete initiation into the Catholic Church.

In some places, though, the wedding date remains tentative until you have completed a marriage preparation program.

Your parish will spend a considerable amount of time and money helping you prepare for your marriage.

Most parishes charge a fee to recover some of this expense; others simply accept a voluntary contribution.

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Or offer as much as you choose to spend on more "optional" elements of the wedding, such as the cost of photography or wedding clothes.When the parish at which you were baptized provides a copy of the baptism certificate, that certificate will indicate that you have not been married previously in the Catholic Church, and are therefore eligible to be married.If one of you is not Catholic, proof of baptism will help to determine which version of the ought to be used (the rite follows a different order for marriage between a Catholic and someone who has not been baptized).If your parish website doesn't provide much information, try looking up the marriage policies and guidelines provided by the diocese in which you live.(See "Other Websites" below for a directory of dioceses in the United States).

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