When did courteney cox and david arquette start dating

He has since had several television roles, such as Jason Ventress on ABC's In Case of Emergency.In addition to his acting career, Arquette took a brief foray into professional wrestling in early 2000, competing for World Championship Wrestling (WCW).All the money he made during his WCW tenure was donated to the families of Owen Hart (who died in a freak accident), Brian Pillman (who died from an undiagnosed heart condition), and Darren Drozdov (who became a quadriplegic after an in-ring accident).After World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment (WWF/E) purchased WCW, Arquette's championship run was listed as the top reason for the "failure" of Nitro in a list published by WWE Magazine.Page subsequently ran down to the ring and hit him with a Diamond Cutter.Arquette made one final appearance with WCW at the New Blood Rising pay-per-view on August 13, when he interfered in a match between Buff Bagwell and Kanyon.It was during the filming of the first film in 1996 that he first met his future wife, Courteney Cox.

Vince Russo, who was the head booker for WCW at the time, insisted that Arquette becoming the champion would be good for the company and for publicity, and Arquette reluctantly agreed to the angle.

He did, however, successfully defend the title against Tank Abbott with help from Page.

Arquette held the title for 12 days until the Slamboree pay-per-view on May 7, 2000, when he was booked to defend the championship against Jarrett and Page in a Triple Cage match, the same match featured in the climax of Ready to Rumble.

In the vignette, Cox informs Russell that Arquette is the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, causing Russell to laugh and walk off and Arquette to chase after him with a steel chair.

In another portion of the show, Arquette was seen backstage trembling in fear and attempting to "give back" the championship belt.

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