When did prince edward and sophie begin dating

When he telephoned her at her office, he used the alias “Richard”; and when he picked her up at her west London flat, his detective would ring the doorbell and escort her to the car.

But it was to no avail, as in December 1993, their secret was revealed when the News of the World splashed it across their front pages, much to Sophie’s distress.

The ceremony will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury before an expected crowd of 800 friends and family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot on May 19 during a noon ceremony (7 a.m.

EST) at Saint George’s Chapel, a 15th century church on the grounds of Windsor Palace.

It was a very public appearance for one of the more retiring members of the Royal family. Over the past few weeks, the Countess has embarked on an official visit to South Africa with Prince Edward, on a solo tour of India and Qatar, and has been photographed at the recent Festival of Remembrance at the Albert Hall breaking into tears when relatives of Afghanistan war heroes walked on to the stage.

Television viewers of the ceremony said on Twitter: “Seeing Sophie with tears was a very emotional moment.” She was also emotional earlier this year when she unveiled a memorial to those who had worked in British coal mines during the Second World War. From the very beginning, Her Majesty recognised Sophie’s suitability as a royal companion – long before her youngest son did.

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