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Occupational names unless they're family surnames, e.g. Surnames given as first names unless they have a long history in your family.

Too many to mention, the most egregious being Mc Kenzie in all its many trashy forms.

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"Heaven" spelled backwards)Darla (Boomers)GUYS: Darryl (Boomers/Xers)Jaden (Millennials)Cody (Younger Xers)Austin (Xers)Shane (Xers)R184 You are young if you think Taylor is strictly white trash. It's a discussion on what names are typically white trash. Jethro=father in law to Moses Jebidiah (Jeb) or Jedidiah (Jed) = Beloved of Yahweh Elijah (Eli) = My God is Yahweh The reason we associate these old names with hillbillies is because the Scots/Irish that came over early settled in the mountains.

Re: names Lacey, is name that will take her straight to the pole.

Zedtta, another white trash name Candy, Kristal, Brittany, I worked with a girl named Laura Tabb, hippie parent's.

americans absolutley adore their trash and promote them as if its somehow a normal state of being.

just turn your tv on and gasp at the sheer amount of programming featuring this very scum. Posh and Becks, Katie Price, that Jodie Marsh creature, that revolting hag who ended up dying (can't remember her name).

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