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The Go Pro also does a much better job of metering and its dynamic range is a little better, too.If you look at small details on the Yi you can see some blockiness that shouldn’t be there.Some of them have the exact name as filters on Instagram. The hardware, the software, the features, they were all cribbed from other companies (mostly Go Pro). Even if the Go Pro has some quality edges, the Yi’s better battery life and built-in touchscreen more than make up for that.Which brings me back to something I keep getting hung up on. So, yeah, of course it’s so much cheaper; Yi only had to spend a fraction of the R&D money that Go Pro did. We'll see how Go Pro responds in its next-gen Hero camera... But for now, I guess I’m saying, yes, the Yi is the better buy for most consumers. Connection to the camera was incredibly quick and easy, and it was simple to change settings, start and stop recording, and even trim then transfer clips to your phone.In fact, the app can add Instagram-like filters to your content. It would be tough to look a broke-ass film student in the eye and say, “Yeah, spend twice as much for the Go Pro, because it’s twice as good.” It isn’t.The Yi 4K doesn’t have as many shooting modes as Go Pro.It doesn’t have the same Superview that smushes more from the top and bottom into your frame and is better for selfie angles (on the nose of a surfboard or at the end of a selfie stick while snowboarding, say).

If you want to change modes or tweak settings you have to do it through the touchscreen (or paired smartphone app for Android and i OS).Yi’s smartphone app isn’t as polished as Go Pro’s, but it worked just fine.The Yi features 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios which means clips transfer to your phone faster.The Yi boasts an in-camera anti-distortion filter to compensate for the fisheye lens, but it didn’t seem to actually do anything at all.There’s also electronic image stabilization, but it looks like garbage so I wouldn’t recommend using it.

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