Who is adnan januzaj dating

The house cost him £2.7million plus £237,750 in stamp duty.

He also owns several luxurious cars but is often seen on his Mercedes Benz.

He once had a blind date with Melissa Mc Kenzie in 2014.

He took her for the first date at Adnando and spent only £18 on a spicy chicken meal.

Januzaj received several call-ups from Belgium as he was eligible to play for Belgium (birth country), Albania (father), Kosovo (mother), Turkey (grandfather), Serbia (grandmother), and also Croatia.

He accepted the offer in April 2014 and his name was included in the Belgium 23 man squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Fresh-faced Januzaj, 18, is 7 years her junior and will be the envy of the dressing room if the claims are substantiated.Needless to say, the story created quite the furore on social networks, and the humour certainly wasn’t lost on United fans, who ushered the youngster onto the pitch during last night’s 2-0 victory over Cardiff with chants of ‘Let’s all go to Nando’s! singer are going out has been circulating after the 2 of them were allegedly seen together.Januzaj bought a Chesire mansion for £3 million in 2017 only to sell after some days.He was immediately sold to Spanish club after he bought the house.

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