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Little is known about her, but during Claire's battle with post-natal depression, Yvonne admitted she had not been close enough to Claire as a child.

She occasionally appears to babysit Freddie (Niall and Luke Beresford) and Joshua (Benjamin Beresford) and to support Claire during marital crises with Ashley (Steven Arnold).

Amy Katherine Barlow (née Patience Cropper), is a fictional character in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, portrayed by Elle Mulvaney.

She was born on screen during the episode broadcast on 9 February 2004.

Eric Garside, played by Peter Kay, appeared on 30 January 2004.

Eric is a drayman who arrives at the Rovers Return Inn in January 2004 for a date with Shelley Unwin (Sally Lindsay).

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Eric takes Shelley to a posh restaurant and the pair then go back to Eric's house for a cup of tea.

Sarah banned Todd from the funeral, but grief-stricken he showed up anyway and told Sarah he didn't get to see Billy when he was alive and needed to be there now.

Sarah agreed and let Todd say a few words and scatter some earth over the casket, but she broke down watching him.

Claire tries to contact Yvonne in late 2010 to inform her that Ashley has died from injuries sustained during an explosion on Coronation Street.

Claire leaves the Street in January 2011, to join Yvonne in France.

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