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Young Americans is an American television drama created by Steven Antin.The show debuted on July 12, 2000 on The WB network as a summer replacement for, and spin-off from another Columbia Tri Star Television production, Dawson's Creek."One of them said, 'My dad owns the station.' I just thought this was the sweetest thing I ever saw." The series was filmed in Havre de Grace, Maryland where a new "town square", gas station and Friendly's restaurant were built for the production of the show at the intersection of Congress Avenue and North Washington Street.to be the primary sponsor, the show being billed as "Coca-Cola Presents Young Americans".The unaired pilot episode does not contain the product placement.Among the changes to the pilot is a scene that was reshot in order to show the characters drinking Coca-Cola.A scene from the pilot, which was heavily promoted prior to the show's premiere, where the characters and other students at Rawley run in slow motion to the school's lake while stripping off their clothes was parodied in another WB show, Grosse Pointe. There are some differences between the pilot and the first aired episode "The Beginning" including Jeremy Sisto in the role of Finn, production in Atlanta with the secondary roles cast with actors local to Atlanta, and a Top 40 soundtrack instead of less well known music that is personally favored by the series creator. The rowing team's cox Jacqueline "Jake" Pratt, who also has a secret, makes a profound impression on Hamilton.Will settles in at Rawley Academy, where the teacher Finn learns a secret Will shared with Scout. Hamilton is surprised by this and starts to question his own sexual orientation.

From the movie, at least, and also because he just seems like a guy that has a lot to apologize for.

Young Americans was profiled by Steve Carell on the August 22, 2000 episode of The Daily Show in the Ad Nauseam segment due to the Coca-Cola tie ins.

Carell constantly referred to "The Beginning" as an "hour-long commercial".

I've learned that every day we create who we are by what we do and what we think and how we behave.

So now that it is my time to speak I just hope that I have something to say and I am going to set my expectations high and one day will exceed them.

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