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For years afterward, he opted to avoid the wedding thing, but in the early 2000s the Undercover Brother actor again took a shot at love. However, after having a child with Nia Rivers two years ago, it seems Griffin decided to try one more time.Griffin married Rivers in a ceremony back in September.

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READ MORE The woman who chucked a drink at Eddie Griffin at a recent comedy show, Tells TMZ it was an ACT OF SELF DEFENSE ... READ MORE Eddie Griffin gave Kim Kardashian a run for her money ...

Unfortunately, third time was not a charm for the married man.

The couple filed for divorce after only one month of marriage, and now, after six months, that divorce has finally been finalized. To be fair, the couple handled the divorce fairly amicably, with both signing papers stating they will never publicly talk about the marriage and the divorce.

claiming she "felt sexually assaulted" by the comedian after he pumped his… for SHORTEST MARRIAGE EVER -- because after just six months of wedded bliss, the comedian is officially divorced. READ MORE Eddie Griffin just can't decide if he wants to be a married man, because he got hitched in September, filed for divorce in October, and reconciled a few days ago. READ MORE "Undercover Brother" is officially a married man ...

READ MORE Eddie Griffin responded the only way he knew how when a woman threw a drink at him during his own stand-up show ... TMZ has learned Eddie Griffin tied the knot in Las Vegas on Thursday after dropping 9 at a walk-in wedding chapel!!!!

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