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But Jeana Keough, one of original Orange County "Housewives," says she’s ditching the cameras to focus on work. And I will do anything to help a friend, so we said yes. Explain a little more about why you decided to leave the show. My real estate just went down two-thirds because I wasn’t around the summer to do the open houses and do the things that make me successful. And me taking off four months in the height of the season was just really hard on me. So I had to do four loan modifications on four properties. The 52-year-old Wisconsin native and one-time Playboy Playmate, found the down real estate market challenging, so she’s saying goodbye to the cat fights (or is it cougar fights? Here’s what she had to say about her departure, what she really thinks of Vicki and … Readers of our Show Tracker blog have really been vocal about their disappointment over your departure. And then when it actually sold we were kind of stuck. You can hit a home run and it will show you striking out. I mean, you can have 15 listings but if you’re not the one sitting on them on the weekend and telling the people the positive things about the houses and why they should buy this house instead of another house -- it just … I needed a summer to get my business back on track. He’s working for something called All Pro Sports; he’s one of the spokespeople for it. It should almost be a scripted show as you get to the fifth season because it’s hard to catch them as naturally as you did in the beginning. A couple of us were really willing to share our lives. It’s really a struggle to get the kind of footage you want when the women are too camera-smart. and she’s called Jo a couple of times to verify facts or something. So do you think the housewives get a bad rap for the lavish lifestyles they have?

The producer was a former neighbor; he always said your family should be a reality show. There’s always somebody here." So he started with that. This season, we learn that you asked to borrow money from Vicki and she didn’t help you out. Tamra Barney is her own Realtor so I was really shocked to see she hired another Realtor to do her job. If you don’t think you’re a good enough Realtor to see your own house, why is anyone else going to think you’re any good? She lived with me for about six months while she was trying to decide if she was going to move to Eureka and remarry her ex-husband. I just talked to Kimberly the other day because last time I went, she flew to New York to meet us and went to dinner with us. Her daughter is looking at colleges so we had a lot to talk about because Colton’s doing the same thing. None of the skin cancers have come back so she made the right choice to keep their little bodies out of the sun. She’s very happy with her decision to move out of Orange County.

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