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However, after the news began circulating about Keri’s claws coming out, she set the record straight, but it seems it’s only a matter of semantics.

Simply put, she said what she said in the way she said it, but the mention of women direct-messaging Serge doesn’t match up with what Hilson said. The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer has been in the background of the music scene as of late, but she is busy in the background with her philanthropy with charities to benefit HIV/AIDS and others.

Becoming an active participant in extracurricular activities such as swimming and basketball, she at the age of fourteen joined a band called D'Sign, who were unfortunately dropped from their label before recording an album.

Feeling strong passion in music, Keri continued polishing her talent by writing songs.

Ibaka took to his Instagram page to let the world know, when posting a picture of he and Hilson hugging on a basketball court.

"Had to get my girl back," Ibaka captioned the image.

As the online tabloid suggests, “creeping” women use nude selfies as bait, and send them — unsolicited — to a man of means. The tweets from Keri Hilson were brief, but to the point, and stung like a knife, especially to those who are out their violating. — Keri Hilson (@Keri Hilson) August 29, 2014 Did ALL the rules go out the window w/ social media? — Keri Hilson (@Keri Hilson) August 29, 2014Unfortunately, the alleged culprits — assuming there’s more than one out there — are not mentioned, but considering the warning shots fired by the singer, there’s a lot of women playing Salt-N-Pepas “I’ll Take Your Man.” But part of what set Keri off could be blamed on a woman’s monthly visitor.

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While finishing final touch for her effort, Keri continued helping other singers either joining their song-writers team or making a cameo in their music videos.Robert Gibbs/US [email protected] Mantell/INTL [email protected] Lewis/LGBTQ [email protected] are looking into the International Wire Fraud that occurred & I’d be pleased to work w/ the same AZ/NZ promoters in the future. They’ve been nothing short of a pleasure as we are working together to resolve the issue.#federaloffense #ugonlearntoday #snakes #Australia & #New Zealand, though I love the thought of coming back, I’ve been made aware that someone fraudulently portrayed themselves as management here in the US, accepted a large sum of money..disappeared from AZ/NZ promoters.💨 Needless to say, I will not be coming...So excited to tune in to my dear friend @lovenikkichu’s new show, #Uboxed With Nikki Chu on @Aspire TV TONIGHT at 8!!Every Tuesday, we get to see celebrity designer #Nikki Chu ‘s home transformations done right!!

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