Who is leehom wang dating

When asked about this intention to broadcast a music video at his concert, Leehom said reservedly, "No, that will not happen!

This will be a concert and it is separate from a music video."However, he wished Shu Qi good luck for her nomination at the Golden Horse Awards for the Best Actress title.

Asked if they were having a baby, he did not answer.

According to the newspaper, quoting old schoolmates of the bride, she is a Japanese-Taiwanese and her name is Michiko Nishimura.

30 Oct – The media is abuzz with the latest rumour concerning Taiwanese superstar, Wang Leehom and model, Evelyn Lin.

In 2013, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Wong Fu Productions, he and his collaborators released a short film featuring such web video stars, filmmakers, and reality television personalities as Ryan Higa, Joe Penna, and Dominic Sandoval.

Source: Translation by: Our Home AUS & NZ News according to Taiwanese actress Katherine Wang (Kai Ti Wang 王凱蒂), who attended the same school as Jinglei: * they attended Dominican International School in Taiwan but Katherine was in a higher grade * Jinglei is half Japanese and Taiwanese * she also has a Japanese name - Michiko Nishimura - Lee is her mother's surname * Jinglei's classmates are also fans of Leehom.

When they heard the news about Jinglei and Leehom's marriage, they were heartbroken Other sources from the article: * according to friends of Jinglei, not only is she pretty, she has outstanding temperament, is humorous, friendly, not shy when meeting others for the first time, initiates conversations and shows interests in others * her upbringing is similar to Leehom's * Leehom comes from a family of scholars - his grandmother is the author of "Accounting Principles" amongst other books; his grand-uncle is an academic at Academia Sinica; his father is a graduate of Taiwan National University Department of Medicine; his mother is a top student at Taiwan National Chengchi University; older brother Leo and sister in-law are University of Chicago doctorate and master degree holders respectively; younger brother Leekai and his girlfriend both hold master degrees at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); all well-known schools, while Leehom himself is a Williams College graduate.

Simultaneously, the 36-year-old Taiwanese singer posted a comment on his microblog before fetching Lin, stating: "Halloween is on the 31st.

But many people are dressing up for parties tonight."The pair was then seen leaving Leehom's house the next day at around 2 pm, with Leehom driving off in his car while Evelyn left in a taxi.

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