Who is singer trina dating Sex chat without any restration

He was the one who suggested that Tori take Trina's place after she had an allergic reaction to the Chinese Herb Gurgle.He also convinced Tori to accept her invitation to Hollwyood Arts.

He has mentioned in his Slap video profile "I like girls...a lot." Evidence of this can be seen in The Bird Scene, where he takes a ballet class in order to meet women and while performing with Robbie gives the only female student flirtatious nods, Jade Dumps Beck, where he mentions how hot Alyssa Vaughn is numerous times, Beck's Big Break, where he tries to impress a girl by telling her he's in the movie, Freak the Freak Out, where he responds to Tara Ganz's advances by saying "alright" and smiling, Who Did It to Trina?Even though he had a crush on Jade, he stated a number of times that it was "wrong" and "evil," because he wouldn't want to move in on Jade.(See: Bendré) André and Jade have been friends for at least two years as revealed in The Great Ping Pong Scam.For example, in Jade Dumps Beck, he told Robbie how to review Trina's play.He also suggested that Tori make a song as a present for Trina.

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