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They're having erotic conversations, building fantasies about how they'll be together in the future and telling each other all their secrets, which is just what happens in a real affair and is just as harmful.What's worse, it's happening in people's own homes, which makes their partners feel even more betrayed.They feel they can never escape the scene of the crime, and computers are so ubiquitous now that they can't avoid it.Every time a partner goes online to pay a bill, they're worrying: 'Is he contacting her?Mr Pollard is apparently now engaged to the real woman behind his virtual seductress."Internet infidelity is a huge and growing problem," Marshall says."These aren't people chatting online about what happened on television last night in The X Factor.

"Men are trying to take their minds off the financial markets and we're getting a lot of wives who are sick of their stressed-out lawyer husbands.Along with a roast and all the trimmings, it was what the British love best on a Sunday: an old-fashioned love triangle. For the next seven years, they have liaisons in "a Mayfair apartment" and various hotel rooms.Famous married father-of-four meets blonde in nightclub. Then the News of the World reveals the story on its front page. Gordon just did what any man in his position would.According to the clinical psychologist Dorothy Rowe, the answer is because he could."Some men have their priorities in order, but when most are presented with sex they take it for no other reason than that they can get away with it.

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