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If you like the people, you will probably like their babies okay, and you will probably find their ups and downs to be pretty interesting storytelling. But it only works if you a) take pressure off yourself to be an expert, b) let go of the expectation that you have to have everything in common with people in order to empathize, and c) completely divorce yourself from the idea that people making a different choice from you are somehow judging you.C) works both ways, especially for someone like you, Cool Cat Lady. ” narrative, you are not criticizing other people’s relationships or desire for a relationship, and your friends aren’t dating AT you.I feel like I’m so used to hearing about being single in terms of a problem that needs fixing, a personal failure or just a transitory period, without so much of the ‘’relationships aren’t for everyone, and that’s cool too.’’ (Possibly doesn’t help that I’m female and like cats, which is another stereotype that annoys the hell out of me.) Also, any advice on how I could convince people that it’s not a problem would be appreciated.I think partly because of this, I have trouble comforting/offering advice to single friends who want relationships.If it gets to be a bummer, think about the way the narratives & expectations have changed throughout history.

Basically, I suppose I’d like some reassurance that this is ok.I think Reddit Island will not be a good place to live (it will smell like dude in there), but there’s nothing that says that people can’t band together into social networks or even communal living experiments that will provide long-term stability and community in the absence of pair-bonding.I often wish that single women would pool their resources help places like the Three Arts Club became common again.If you can keep that in mind (and gently remind people if they overstep- “Hey, I’m happy with how my life is, you’re happy with yours, why are we arguing?”), it will go a long way toward finding a comfortable equilibrium in your friendships.

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    Others believe it is all about choice, as Joe Brennan Jr., vice president of Webdate says, "It's about giving people a choice. They can date on their handset, it's all about letting people decide what path is best for them." A recently published study shows that currently 7.8 million singles in the UK search for a partner online every month.

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