Windows mobile facebook app not updating

Select the folder with your phone name, and access Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Videos backed up to your IDrive account.The Timeline displays all the photos and videos backed up from multiple mobile devices, sorted by date and location.The IDrive mobile application allows you to create an account using your Facebook or Google accounts.However, in case you want to use the same account for logging in to IDrive desktop or web application, you need to set the password using the ‘Forgot password’ option.With 'Auto Camera Upload', you can automatically backup all the photos and videos from your device Camera Roll to IDrive account.Additionally, all live captures are also automatically backed up.Background upload in i OS will stop within few minutes after the application is closed; however, the application resumes the upload process whenever the IDrive app detects a change in device location.

IDrive provides a centralized location for all your shared files.

The app will ask for permission to access your photos as Apple privacy settings for photos and location services are different.

In both cases the app will not be able to upload photos and videos to your account, unless permitted.

On your first log in, the 'Auto Camera Upload' option is set to OFF.

To enable it, If you have a large number of files to be backed up, make sure you keep the application open till the backup is complete. To complete backup without interruption, we recommend you to connect your device to a charger and leave the application open.

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