Withings not updating

The scale hasn't managed to retrieve all the information it needs to communicate in Wi Fi.

(IP - DHCP - address error or WEP authentication error)To solve this problem, check if your Wi Fi access point is functional.

To solve this problem, you just need to carry out the installation procedure of your scale by going to "My account" / "My body scales"000996This code indicates a Wi Fi error.

The Wi Fi function of your scale has not been initialized correctly.

IE9 for Windows 7 may not show the black datapoint editor box in enhanced view as well as the drop down to change from kg to lbs.

You need to first check to see if you have paired your scale to your Withings account, then check to see if you have a user.

Check to see if you have paired your scale to your Withings account If you are using Internet Explorer and are having trouble editing your weight data points, your user information, or changing from Kg to lbs at withings.com, switch to another browser.

To pair your scale, take the following steps: When you are on the Retrofit site and are trying to connect (or link) your scale to Retrofit, if you do not have a user to select after logging into your Withings Account, you will get a "Page not found" error.

This is caused by not having a user associated with your Withings account.

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