Wordpress form manager not validating

In Cornerstone, you'll receive access to our premium templates.

For X, Pro and Cornerstone, validation is a simple guided process.

In this article we'll take some time to discuss product validation in X, Pro and the benefits that come along with it.

You do not need to validate your product in order to continue using it (will simply need to update the theme manually), however doing so will unlock many great features including automatic updates and access to Extensions. With regards to X, Pro and Cornerstone, product validation is the process by which a user confirms their purchase.

It will interact remotely with our community site to automatically associate your site with that license within your Themeco account. You will be guided through logging into an existing account, or registering a new one.

If you're already logged in, it will confirm with you before proceeding to use that account.

Each X license purchase includes a copy of all of our Extensions for your optional use on one site.

They can be assigned and un-assigned in the same manner as production sites, described above.

Development environments require that a production environment URL already be assigned.

We do have ways of monitoring for abuse, and if licenses are used outside of this it would be a violation of their terms of use and ours.

As updates become available through feature releases, you will now be automatically notified through them via the Word Press admin area.

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